Ricardo Donoso “Sarava Exu”

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Artist: Ricardo DonosoRicardoDonoso_SaravaExu
Title: Sarava Exu
Label: Denovali
Cat. #: DEN223
Formats: CD, LP, digital
Release Date: January 30th 2015
1. Crepusculum
2. Vesperum
3. Conticinium
4. Intempestiva
5. Gallicinium
6. Matutinum
7. Diluculum

It’s noticeable that Ricardo Donoso in the production process of “Savara Exu” got in touch with industrial and dark electronic music, artists like Dadub (Stroboscopic Artefacts) or Alva Noto (Raster Noton) created something in this way, but if you combine their styles you’ll notice that this album is a combination of these two different schools.
Every track make a big impact in terms of emotions and sensations, if you like contemporary movies you’ll confuse what you’re hearing as part of trailers or movie scenes… Superb!

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