Fogh Depot “Fogh Depot”

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Artist: Fogh DepotDEN224
Title: Fogh Depot
Label: Denovali
Cat. #: DEN224
Formats: CD, LP, digital
Release Date: February 20th 2015
1. Anticyclone
2. Mining (BTC)
3. Nevalyashka
4. Sagittarius
5. Orphan Drug
6. Tattoo
7. Dark Side Of The M0nk
8. Burning Beard

One of the most coolest things revealed in this album is the mood suggested by the kind of sound. The Moscow based producers have been able to melt different styles – from jazz to drone, from acoustic to modern classical – without exaggerate in absurd and nonsense compositions.
The tracks at the beginning are very dark and abstract, and with the following songs everything become brighter and positive.

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