“Aquatic Systems” has been produced by the Dutch Multicast Dynamics and it’s part of an album series planned to be released on Denovali Records; that’s the second installment of the series, written and composed in two remote geographical places – namely at waters in Finland and Fuerteventura.
Compared to the previous album called “Scape”, the whole sound of this one is deeper and with an organic and intense flow. Except the two beginning tracks, all the others create a darker and atypical dimension, floating into the mystical world of drone music.
“Aquatic System” has been developed into an audiovisual performance together with visual artist Emilia Kwiatkowska and was performed several times in Spain and Finland, before the music has been finalized for the album.

Denovali – May 22nd 2015
1. Oriva
2. Unitila
3. Valta
4. Amphibi
5. Sinua
6. Nebulous
7. Vaihe
8. Tie
9. Vascular
10. Hiernamaals


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