Deniro ‘Kairuku EP’

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184485Artist: Deniro
Title: Kairuku EP
Label: Oblique Music
Release Date: October 2016
Kairuku 1
Kairuku 2
Kairuku 3
Kairuku 4

The Hague based producer ”Deniro” is responsible for the 3rd installment in the ”Oblique Music” series.
This time around the 12” consists of 4 club cuts that all showcase a different ambiance throughout.
Label owner Ben Buitendijk is carefully curating the sound for his recently established imprint and Deniro’s
(extinct) Penguin inspired package definitely matches with the label’s previous escapades.
”Kairaku 1” is a dubbed out whirlwind which uses emotive drum patterns and hazy reverbs that blend together
in the most perfect way and cause for a inspiring atmosphere to occur instantly.
”Kairaku 2” is a more classic sounding cut which maintains originality through ”Deniro’s” signature
drum patterns and the constantly changing chords that make this effort one of the more special ones.
The B side opens up with ”Kairaku 3”. This is again a dubbed out cut that is drenched with percussive sounds
that would suit perfect in the more adventurous settings. ”Kairaku 4” is filled with interesting textures
and progresses in a minor but riveting way.


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