Denis A ‘Escobar’

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Artist: Denis Adar028
Title: Escobar
Label: DAR
Cat. #: DAR028
Release Dates: Vinyl 19/03/12 Beatport 26/03/12 Other Digital 23/04/12
1. Escobar 08:15
2. Rubicon 07:35

Denis A’s DAR label was on a creative roll right through 2011, unleashing a series of stunning tracks and raising the bar with each new innovative release. Now, Denis A emerges from his Moscow studio to launch his first single release of 2012, featuring two stunning productions – “Escobar” and “Rubicon”.

A hypnotic bass throb and hissing, layered percussion herald yet another distinctive razor-sharp Denis A production. “Escobar” bides its time, building on a subtle trajectory through emotionally charged peaks and troughs. Haunting and intriguing in equal measures, Denis A demands your attention, as he demonstrates why his ability to produce brooding, uplifting music is turning heads worldwide. Melancholic atmospherics are becoming a signature for this highly creative Russian producer.

The impeccable low-slung groove intro of “Rubicon” is an immediate attention grabber as it builds a more menacing atmosphere. Denis A takes things deeper here, focusing on an intensely hypnotic groove, showing another side to Denis A’s formidable production talents.

Make sure you check out this magical music from Moscow now!

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