Denis Rodd Interview

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– Thanks for joining us Denis! How are you doing right now?
Thanks to you for the interest! Fine, thanks quite happy with the label and the first release.

– You’re going to launch your label Cochlea Music and the first release titled “Embryo” is made by you.
But apart the label concept clearly expressed in the website, what does this new adventure mean for you?
It also means something made for myself and how it develops for itself with work and patient. It is also very nice to understand better how the music industry works, as I am a big music lover in all senses and I was (and I am) very curious about it.

– Is “Embryo” your first ever release to be published? How much time did you take to make it?
Yes, it is my first release ever, I can´t say exactly how many time it took, perhaps one and a half from one of the tracks until the fourth of the release. In the middle I made a lot of tracks which weren´t enough good for me or not good for this EP.

– Are you running the label only by yourself or there are more people behind it?
I am running the label alone, but there are many people, who were helping and supporting with opinion and other issues like graphic design, phtoography, mixdown, of course mastering, among others.
Really important that, to give some tasks to people who were professional in their areas and/or were engaged and loved the Project. It hasn´t been possible without them.

– Have you got any other forthcoming projects you could tell us about?
I am already starting with my next release, but meanwhile I am planning the second EP as well, which is not mine, but from a very good artist (for me) and a really nice person, also important to me

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
It has been a pleasure. Thanks to you to give this opportunity!

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