Derfranke Interview

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How did you start your journey in music business?
Playing the flute at the children school! Anyway, I studied singing for some years while I was playing in a metal band. In that period I started with synths for adding sounds to my band’s songs. So without expectations I started with electronic music and little live set at home with friends. Than after this experience I bought two decks and start mixing everything. And here I am.

When did you realize djing was your way of life?
I always liked doing music and selecting songs, it is something natural for me. During my daily routine I normally listen to a lot of music from soundcloud and spotify. It came natural for me djing.

Rave clubs, festival, boiler rooms: where do you prefer to play?
In the middle of nowhere. Is something different. We organized some rave parties, during the past, in parks and it was amazing. Playing during the sunrise is something simply awesome. Back to the primitive era is a good step ahead for all of us!

tell us some insider from your historical gigs: something that can be or could be unveil to our readers?
I Don’t remember when but while i was playing there was a girl in front of me licking the decks. Hope she liked the taste. And during an illegal rave party in a park while I was playing, looking at the mixer, than head up and surprise, two policemen looking at me. And noone of the people coming left, nobody. 300 people and after a minute, two policemen. Maybe I played a wrong song, don’t know!

Talking about the present on dTape and Select*Elect topics, what Derfranke is doing rith now?
Dtape is a net label pretty much focused on electronic music & upcoming artists. Production wise, Dtape is not dancefloor oriented at all. We tend to focus on more indie, electronic, doowntempo sounds. We hit our third Various Artists which will be out on the 19th of May, so stay tuned! And of course our monthly podcast where we tend to express more our dance floor influence. As for Select*Elect,  i know the project since 4 years. They’ve been throwing parties in London, Italy, Vienna and now Berlin. I’ve played at a couple of their parties during the past doing warm ups for Catz N Dogz and other well established djs. They have a well educated crowd, very friendly that knows about music.
I’ve established a long term friendship with the collective and i’m becoming more and more part of their resident djs.

You are currently based in Berlin: why you make this choice and how your life is changed?
This choice I think is not about the music, but if I tell this is gonna be a little white lie. I’m here also because I was tired of living in my town and I want to develop my graphics stuffs. I also discovered that I like blond girls, I was always focused on dark hair ones, but here is full of blondes.

Is Berlin influencing your musical taste?
Definitly, i’ve never been so into the techno but here you can breathe it and helps me pushing more when I play. In Italy i felt like sitting down with the music, only on housy stuffs. Here they want more, doesn’t matter night or day, always more. So i’m trying playing heavy beats and mixing with a lot of sounds coming from South America and also Arab stuffs.

Tell us some special project you are going to prepare in the next future
Got some projects to develop: for sure I need another identity, is coming up because I’m working on more ambient stuffs and it will be separated by Derfranke’s work. And I really want to do a live set, so I’m working on it.

Thank you, was a pleasure to spent quick question with you
Was a pleasure too. Hope to see you soon. Tschuss


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