Developer ‘In Pure Form’

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modularz16Artists: Developer
Title: In Pure Form
Label: Modularz
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: July 7th, 2014
Distribution: Complete

Modularz Label owner Developer presents his first LP „In Pure Form“ This is a real wealth of work that developer has been creating over the last year. Its a fairly large catalog of tracks focusing on raw rhythms, strong tools and powerful funk fueled techno.
We do advise that this is not your average concept album with ambient and break beat type pieces that the market is flooded with – but instead a more straight to the point no filler type of LP .
This is a massive selection of functional tracks direct from the Developer factory of techno. Already a huge amount of support and positive feedback received on this release from the global heavyweights currently playing a selected amount of killers from this LP.
25 Tracks Total:
A1-C4 (12 tracks on vinyl – sold separately) D1-D13 (13 tracks – digital only)


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