DG Fastmix 02-2015 by Marc Troit

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Marc Troit is back, here is first 2015 DG Fastmix: “Yo Folkz, I’m back for my first appointment in the 2015 on DG Fast Mix’s Series. As usual i selected the best Techno tunes which i received during the last weeks, enjoy the latest episode of my occasional escape into the world of deep and raw Techno.’

01. Contort – Monolith (Original Mix) [Circular Limited]
02. Claudio PRC – Typha (Original Mix) [TGP]
03. Luigi Tozzi – Bioluminescence (Original Mix) [Hypnus Records]
04. Ness – Carex (Original Mix) [TGP]
05. Luigi Tozzi – Chemosynthesis (Claudio PRC Remix) [Hypnus Records]
06. Deepbass – Sequence 2 (Original Mix) [Edit Select]
07. Jonas Kopp – Alpheratz (Original Mix) [Tresor]
08. Samuli Kemppi – Agitated (Original Mix) [M_Rec LTD]
09. Ness & Attemporal – Undefined Time Lapse (Original Mix) [Synewave]
10. Jonas Kopp – Blackbird (Original Mix) [Tresor]
11. Yan Cook – Chaser (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
12. Ascion – Xatatonic State (Original Mix) [3TH Records]


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