DG Fastmix 03-2015 by Matteo Pitton

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The third episode of 2015 has Matteo Pitton‘s signature, staff writer behind Different Grooves.

Matteo says:
“In the March 2015 fastmix I picked some tracks from a few number of releases.
I liked a lot Sad City’s “Introduction To Lisboa / Sloe”, Deft’s “Blue Jasmine” on Project:Mooncircle, “Transfer Of Energy” by Egyptrixx and the Chicago Jim’s album repress on Lobster Theremin.”

1. Sad City – Introduction To Lisboa [Phonica Limited]
2. Egyptrixx – Mirror Etched On Shard Of Amethyst
3. Chicago Jim – A2 [Lobster Theremin]
4. Deft – Vapid (Pt. 1) [Project Mooncircle]
5. Sad City – Sloe [Phonica Limited]
6. Sad City – Stream [Phonica Limited]
7. Deft – Blue Jasmine [Project Mooncircle]
8. Egyptrixx – Not Viral [Halocline Trance]


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