DG Fastmix 06-2014 by Matteo Pitton

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The episode number 2 has Matteo Pitton‘s signature, staff writer behind Different Grooves.

Matteo says:
“The tracks I selected for this mix attracted me for their typical sound and complex synths, pads and fxs; the various industrial, dark, ambient and acid styles combined each others with non 4/4 rhythms creating an interesting flow.
I used CDJs and this make the whole deejaying session funnier and creative, avoiding that static and hybrid feelings I feel when I use Traktor or Ableton.”

1. Solomun – Samson (Strings Only) [Diynamic]
2. Weber – L.M.P. [Holger]
3. Rob Clouth – Islands Of Grass [Leisure System]
4. Drop – Epileptic Heritage (Dadub Remix) [Arboretum]
5. Objekt – Baloons [Power Vacuum]
6. Metrist – Cowlick [Resin]
7. SFV Acid – And No Stress [UNO NYC]
8. Voices From The Lake – Respiro (Live Edit) [The Bunker New York]

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