DG Fastmix 09-2014 by Matteo Pitton

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The episode number 9 has Matteo Pitton‘s signature, staff writer behind Different Grooves.

Matteo says:
“The way this mix was born is simple…
After a long time I listened these techno tracks and I thought that would be nice to combine all them in a mix.
I’m happy with the result and I enjoyed to mix songs from Shifted, Marcel Fengler and Peter Van Hoesen albums.”

1. Shifted – Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart [Bed Of Nails]
2. Jeremiah R – Infinite Skies [Enklav]
3. Marcel Fengler – Dejavu [Ostgut Ton]
4. Divvorce – Anny (Unklone Remix) [Fifth Wall]
5. Peter Van Hoesen – Force Withdrawn [Tresor]
6. Mike Parker – Currents [Tsunami]
7. Exium – Dronid (Tripeo Digital Edit Remix) [PoleGroup]
8. Shifted – Wash Over Me [Bed Of Nails]

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