DG Fastmix 11-2015 by Marc Troit

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Here we go with the 11th episode of our resident space here on DG Fastmix, Marc Troit says about it: ‘That’s my last Fastmix for this year: and it’s simply another trip into the Deep and Raw Techno.

01. Voices From The Lake – Circe + S.T. (Original Mix) [Prologue]
02. BLNDR – Isolate Frequencies (Original Mix) [Hypnus]
03. Voices From The Lake – Twins In Virgo (Original Mix) [Prologue]
04. Iori – Arc (Original Mix) [The Gods Planet]
05. Maxime – True Nature of Reality (Original Mix) [Circular Limited]
06. Claudio PRC & UNC – MDXLIV (Original Mix) [The Gods Planet]
07. Concept of Thrill – Hyggelig Kveld (Original Mix) [Circular Limited]
08. Ness – Pantropy (Original Mix) [Rising Label]
09. Function & Vatican Shadow – Bejeweled Body (Original Mix) [Hospital Productions]
10. Ness – Uchronia (Original Mix) [Rising Label]
11. Unbroken – Stay On (N.d.’s Acid Takeover Mix) [Circular Limited]
12. Alan Backdrop – Never Flown To The Philippines (Original Mix) [Ekar]
13. Plant43 – Cavernous Bones (Original Mix) [Shipwrec]


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