DG Fastmix 12-2014 by Matteo Pitton

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The episode number 12 has Matteo Pitton‘s signature, staff writer behind Different Grooves.

Matteo says:
“In the December 2014 fastmix I put together some ambient and dark songs, many of them have been founded in three albums that catch my attention: Jonas Kopp’s “Beyond The Hypnosis”, Alan Backdrop’s “Eria” and Carlos Cipa’s “All Your Life You Walk”.
I wanted to use other cool stuff from other albums and compilations but I decided to focus my attention in productions with an obscure mood and a strong approach to sound design.”

Jonas Kopp – Sea Of Pluton [Tresor]
2. Alan Backdrop – Kair [Ekar]
3. Casual Violence – Unexpected Grace [Plector]
4. Alan Backdrop – Chedis [Ekar]
5. Carlos Cipa – Fragment #3 [Denovali]
6. Alan Backdrop – Transition [Ekar]
7. Carlos Cipa – Fragment #4 [Denovali]
8. Jonas Kopp – 528 Hz [Tresor]



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