DG Fastmix – Remotion

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They are two electronic music enthusiasts from Porto, Portugal born in the 90’s. They started making music under the moniker Remotion around 2012. Noe they are focused on the deep and mental techno vibes, with an energetic twist, aiming straight to the dancefloor. Their live performance consists in an hybrid dj set combining Traktor with Ableton.
Guys said “This mix was recorded exclusively for Different Grooves, showcasing our latest work and some of the tracks that we’re really into at the moment! So you can expect a lot of forthcoming material from ourselves and some insights for the future of our label, Sync Forward. Hope you guys enjoy!”

1. Remotion – Get down (Original Mix)
2. Macromism – Amplitude (Original Mix)
3. Remotion – Lucy (Original Mix)
4. Whyt Noyz – The Pit (Original Mix)
5. Remotion – Pulsar (Original Mix)
6. Reset Robot – Yourself (Original Mix)
7. Remotion – Ms. Mooney (Original Mix)
8. Sasha Carassi – Framing Effect (Original Mix)
9. Remotion – Vortex (Original Mix)
10. Fractious – Sabre Rattle (Mars Bill Remix)
11. Sidney Charles – Impermanence (Original Mix)
12. Remotion – Aircraft (Original Mix)
13. Joseph Capriati – Psycology (Original Mix)
14. Remotion – Night Shift (Original Mix)


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