DG Fastmix – Tony B

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DG Fastmix is back with another fringe from Neapolitan techno scene, Tony B a close friend of Different Grooves. Tony says: “When I knew I have to record this fastmix, my first thought was to “dedicate” it to those artists I have the pleasure to see working everyday in their studios to bring all around the world something started years ago from Gaetano Parisio, Marco Carola, Markantonio and Rino Cerrone and that we still call “TechNapoli”. The mix includes a selection of my favorites tracks from their last releases.”



1.Markantonio & Rino Cerrone – Revolution Is Back (Unrilis)
2.Markantonio – Omniscient (Pornographic Recordings)
3.Mars Bill – First Bridge (MKT rec)
4.Luigi Madonna – I Believe (Drumcode)
5.Luigi Madonna – Tantra (Drumcode)
6.Alberto Pascual & Luigi Madonna – 155 (Analytictrail)
7.Roberto Capuano – Inversion (Drumcode)
8.Markantonio & Roberto Capuano – Gem (Unrilis)
9.Frankyeffe – Smell The Countryside (Roberto Capuano Remix) (Spark Musik)
10.Ken Ishii – The Buddah’s Ear (Markantonio, Roberto Capuano Remix) (Impact Mechanics)
11.Audiomatiques & Frankyeffe – High Voltage (Loose Records)
12.Roberto Capuano – Everyday (Unreleased)

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