DG Fastmix

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Hello Folks, we are back with a fresh feature from the Different Grooves planet!
As always, to improve our avant-garde style, we try to find something coolish and funny for our audience. So now is the time for DG Fastmix, a monthly 30/40 mins mini-mix with the best 10 tracks of the month. We can call it “a listening chart” mixed by our dj team.

By the 10th of each month (January has a bit of delay, you can imagine why), you are now able to listen our favorite tracks, combined by Gill, Marc Troit or Matteo Pitton, the hands behind those DG Fastmixes. Every mix has also a special description, where the author try to explain his choice, and how he mixed every track.

Mixes are hosted on soundcloud channel, you can easily access clicking here, and do not forget to follow us!

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