Eddie Hale “Thylacine”

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Artist: Eddie HaleDIDREC067
Title: Thylacine
Label: Different Is Different
Remixer: Fractious
Cat. #: DIDREC067
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 29th 2015
1. Thylacine (Original Mix)
2. Vaultcodes (Original Mix)
3. Thylacine (Fractious’ ‘ADE Connection’ Remix)

Eddie Hale’s release on Different Is Different Records is compounded by three solid and contemporary techno tracks, with clean sounds and a dreamy atmosphere given by the dub techno style influences.
The opening song “Thylacine” is the most catchy, because its interesting interaction created between the main synth, the arpeggio and the string.
“Vaultcode” gets its main inspiration from warehouse like sonorities, and as closing track we find an “Ade Connection” remix produced by the Irish Fractious.

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