Born and grown up in Italy, moved to Berlin. Derfranke grew up in a family where music has always been important, thanks to his father’s passion for amplifiers and speakers both vintage and modern. As a boy, after studying guitar he began to study singing and formed a metal band with his friends, playing in various places in the city. In addition to singing in the band he then begins to devote himself to synthesizers to add new sounds to the songs. Make his way to the side of electronic sound. After this experience, he by accident begins to mix hard rock and metal in various places. But the electronic influence,eventually makes its way from rock to pass tech and deep house. He then moved to Milano for four years where he attended the various clubs in the city and played in several parties, in the meantime making his first productions. After Milano and back in town he goes into 12volt, a collective dedicated to electronics and organized events, in summer rave parties in parks. This led him to collaborate with different collectives and playing in several parties. He has performed and collaborated with Wedo, Cella (Multivitamins, Apparel Music), Touane (Resopal), Rudolf, Pigro on Sofa, Lvca (Sabotage), La Rabona, Coloppio, Rame, Rainer Serrat (Serialism Records), Ranacat (Select*Elect ), Catz ‘n Dogz (Get Physical), Winstan (Clock Music), Peer Du, Adele H, Alltism and Lesbian Horse. His latest project, in collaboration with Wedo is DTAPE, a net label carefully dedicated to all branches of contemporary house, it has already published a solo album and several mixtapes at international level. Now Derfranke is part of the Select*Elect family and Inground Bookings.

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