Mariano Sibilia aka Mars Bill starts his musical career in 2006 as a DJ of Hip Hop culture. In this year he bought his first turntables and mixer so he can practice the art of the scratch. Among his sources of inspiration emerge: DJ Premier (Gang Starr), Grandmaster Flash, Jam Master Jay (Run DMC), DJ Shadow, Tony Touch, etc. …

In the following year he made his first steps into the world of composition, in fact, he buy a variety of hardware and software in order to realize his work. Here evolve his passion for electronic music over time focuses on Techno genre, inspired by artists such as Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Clarke, Robert Hood, Adam Beyer, etc. … the music changes but the nuances of the old origins remain, in fact, in many of his tracks you will listen many sounds from the old school.

In 2008, Mariano began his first experiences as a DJ in clubs of his city, sharing the stage with artists like Markantonio, Rino Cerrone, Guido Schneider, Sasha Carassi, Spektre and others…and in the same time he started to work for some record labels such as the American Impact Mechanics and the partenopean Minitec Series (Uto Karem label sister of Agile recordings). But first satisfactions are seen after “Blaster EP”, signed on capsula records (Sasha Carassi label), because some tracks of the ep were appreciated and played by djs like Richie Hawtin and Umek in legendary festivals like the Dissonance (Rome) and the Awakenings (Amsterdam).

In the following years continue the projects with labels across the globe, thanks to which he begins to have his first appearances on radio promoting numerous podcasts. In 2012 he signed his first single entitled “Acid” on the Neapolitan MKTrec (Markantonio’s label), then Analytictrail, Loose rec, Respekt, Ground Factory, !Organism, Octopus and many more…Meanwhile he continued his dj career, in fact his last performances were to Ciclope (Sa), Sirius Club (Bn) and the storical Metropolis (Na) near artists like The Advent, Len Faki, Magda, Ilario Alicante, Monoloc and more…Currently, in the program will see many news, both as a DJ and as a producer.

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