Markus Bohm, is an avid music listener, since always he listens to music at 360 degrees from Techno to Hip Hop, from House to Funky, Pop. For Markus it means to get rich of new contamination sound. Lover and curious of Nature, Bohm makes of all his knowledge a musical background that allows him today to have a certain artist profile and to be able to impose himself on the world stage with a lot of perseverance and firmness. And hence its motto: WORK HARD and PLAY HARDER. The goal of the music of Markus is to transform the dancefloor in a unique setting, in a kind of parallel universe in which the public can be himself and have fun without thinking about anything but Psycho physical journey that only the notes can give.
Markus Bohm currently maintains a “love relationship” with his Logic pro which could never do without, assisted by his ever-present drum machines and synthesizers in search of perfection.
Markus began his journey into the world of electronic music back in 1999, since then he has collected a lot of vinyl and have a super collection of techniscs turnables, in fact for this passion he always tries to be able to perform with the turntable under the fingers, all this not to lose the feeling for what Display through him is the solid state of the music, “vinyl”.

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