Different Grooves On Air #146 – Boski

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Still D!fferent is a duo of italian djs and producers joined by a common passion but different styles, their sounds have been influenced by the melodius side of deep house mixed to the energy of techno with electronic shades. Their career together starts in late 2013, few months later the first release on Entail Records and also a remix on Tanzbar Musik, but some of their track are still unreleased. One of them, Boski, is a member of a new interesting musical scene based in Bergamo named Bauhaus Party, where he is the resident dj and he will play on the 7th of november with the Japanese producer and dj Tomoki Tamura, from Inground Bookings, Berlin. He played with djs like Dirty Channels, Hunter Game, PBR Streetgang, Arado, Idriss D, Pastaboys, Alex Niggemann and many others.

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