Human Machine is a project founded by Musumeci and his friends Sisio, Simeone and Pavi. Mixing the 4 different musical roots and skills into one new consciousness, the sicilian combo aims to develope the interaction in electronic music between human being and technology.

The long time dj experience of the four is going to be an essential part of Human Machine’s production process so expect deep but shuffled bit and pieces.


2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal.

We’re fast approaching the moment when humans and machines merge. Biotechnology and nanotechnology give us the power to manipulate our bodies and the world around us at will, at the molecular level. We ditch Darwin and take charge of our own evolution.

The human genome becomes just so much code to be bug-tested and optimized and, if necessary, rewritten. Indefinite life extension becomes a reality; people die only if they choose to.

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