italian, he lives in Berlin. He began his career as a musician when he was very young,  studying the piano, entering the Conservatory. Few years later he changed the instrument: he started studying the clarinet. He graduated with honors, won several awards, and played in various orchestras and chamber ensembles.  He soon realized that he needed to create. In this period he lived in Milan.  He loved the club. In the meantime he studied in ‘the Academy Teatro Alla Scala, and besides to classical music, he started playing in different festivals and parties  his music created with Ableton and Synths, live set. In a short time his work, and his passion became the electronic music ….,

He became a DJ, and a composer who had a master in music.  His style has been changing day by day, he offers a unique and sophisticated product, using his deep knowledge of classical music mixed with the electronics, as a result of melody, harmony, rhythm, with bucolic shades, tradition and innovation, bass lines in contrast, that are very deep and pressing.

He loves minor keys, he usually starts his projects with a nice breath, saying a little overture, and then, rhythm and groove painted with strong bassline and slick case, in a perfect underground style!

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Different Grooves On Air #183 – Malandra Jr by Different Grooves On Air on Mixcloud


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