Different Grooves On Air #200 – Gill

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Sometimes are small events that change peoples lives. If these events are combined with an amazingly strong passion for music then everything becomes a lot clearer. Gill emerges in 2004 after a his first performance in a well known local club called the Ambasada Gavioli, Isola Slovenia. He starts focusing his performances and his music on a progressive house style, but highlights the fact that his musical choices are not at all strict, but bohemien and very malleable to various kinds of electronic music. Gill was influenced by the big house names around the globe, and also being lucky to have the possibility to travel quite a lot and experience real electronic music that in some areas is hard to find. People started to recognize Gills name mostly in the local scene.

In the meantime, the public relations business starts and after 3 years of hard work, the organization of small events for Different Grooves begin. After some time the whole project works well locally but also internationally, boasting good engagements with Austria and Slovenia. “100% electronic music addicted” is not a label, but the only slogan that can be attached to Gill. Written in English since boundaries and language limitations in the music business does not exist, as it is all one big musical country. Gill is sometimes seen as an innovator and other times he is seen as a traditionalist, but the truth is he is always evolving to another level. He manipulates the sound of vocal house, progressive, break beat, funky, techno, electro and minimal sounds, but has a strong bond with this last one mentioned.In January 2007 Different Grooves On Air project arise, radio format web based. Gill is A&R of it. Program hosts world famous djs and month by month become meeting point and listening point for clubbers and insiders all over the world, as usual thanks to powerfully of digital world and world wide wed. The only thing that divides Gill from the international music scene is his own productions. This has been a fixed thought in his mind, but has not been able to complete this task yet. One thing at a time, as fundamental steps that bring a person to become and artist are in order, and they have to be followed so. This last step is getting closer to Gill’s cv, and has a good opportunity to bring his talent throughout the globe!

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