Different Grooves On Air #217 – M.R.E.U.X

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M.R.E.U.X Owner of Blumoog music, Bad lab rec., and pusher of electronic music vinyls

M.R.E.U.X, worldwide recognised character of the electronic music, started his DJ profession influenced by punk/industrial style proper of the hungry 80s, period when the world witnessed the development of the first electronic instruments such as synthesizers and drums analogic machines. However, in the late decade came across the new beat/acid house movements; hypnotised, he decided to take it on the stages and in the clubs where he worked.

Few years later, he started his own business opening a little shop of imported American and English vinyl disks; thanks to this, he managed to expand his musical culture and notice other kinds of reality (ambient music, techno and so on…). But the real twist for his carrier occurred in 1993, when he was employed by Zero Gravity Distribution, company which offered him the possibility to work with the most important distributions of that age and to become one of the most influent vinyl pusher in Europe.

While he was taking every opportunity to represent his country in several European manifestations of techno music (Love Parade, Street Parade, Mayday), he decided to product songs and mixes for some musical labels including Muzak Rec., Spock Rec., Pin Up Rec. Ambitious and not satisfied enough, he came up with the idea of joining Mantra Vibes and, subsequently, creating his own label: the Badlab Records.

The following years have been inspirational: he planned to build his own discographic room and open his new label, the Blumoog Music, an ambitious project which ended up making him work with the major and historical exponents of the electronic movement of the entire world, from Steve Stoll to Terrence Dixon, passing through Beroshima, Edit Select, Alexi Delano and Aubrey.

His concept of music is quite simple but, at the same time, plenty of meaning: “Fuck business, save vinyl”. 12” format is his believe and old analogic devices are impressed in his mind.

M.R.E.U.X, a man who doesn’t like following rules, a man whose vocabulary doesn’t present the word “commercial music”, a man who is just into everything is consider as alternative.

He’s always looking for rare and inspiring sounds which can offer psychedelic moments and energy to dance, trying to match elegance and quality in every product…in a single word: the one and only.

Welcome to his world.

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