Dino Lenny Interview

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Cio Dino and welcome to Different Grooves.

Let’s start from the DJing side : it was an extremely bust summer for you, can you tell us your feedback regarding your residency at
Mosaic by Maceo Plex?
Playing in Ibiza for Mosaic was really exciting, it’s a different concept. Maceo is a master in putting together an assorted and eclectic lineup that takes you for a unique adventure, you always remember every single bit of it.
You are preparing to play in our country at the end of October, what are you expecting from this gig? Any particular considerations regarding the Italian clubbing culture and scene?
Well I expect of course a lot of italians ;), and being half italian I know that I will be able to experiment a lot knowing how much we are in love with dance music. We never had a very good music industry so DJs have always concentrated more on the quality rather than the quantity.
You’ve been a part of the scene for many years, in your opinion is the global scene getting worse or better? 3 things to save from the past and 3 favourites from the present?
 These days are very exciting I think everything is coming together again and people are more open minded.
I would save from the past: The vinyl, the rush we got from the house/electronic revolution and a good crowd without drugs.
I would save from the present: The comodity of a USB key, the fact that if you have a very good idea you can turn it into a record at no extraordinary cost and third I would say things are much more professional and well organized in terms of touring for DJs etc.
Moving onto the studio side, you are ready to re-release your ‘The Magic Room EP’ on Seth Troxler’s iconic Play It Say It label. Can you give us any behind the scenes information regarding this co-operation?
It’s a different record not the usual Dino Lenny track. When I wrote the lyrics I just wanted to give some love back to the clubbing world that has been so good to me, it’s the kind of record you would play at the end of your set just to thank the space where u danced and the music for such a great time.
Seth heard Doorly play it and he loved it so we decided to do a “Dino Lenny & Seth Troxler” edit and re-release it on Play It Say it, so here it is again ready to turn a few people emotional with a really great Luke Solomon Remix to complete the package.
The Ellum imprint is really close to you, how did this business relationship begin and how is it going so far?
 I really feel comfortable playing with Ellum at the moment, it has a great mind behind it. Not being a spring chicken, I enjoy & appreciate the knowledge that Maceo has. I love the underground background that is quite similar to mine. He signed three of my tracks and started playing them at every gig so I soon got hooked.
With Ellum I can experiment as much as I want but I can also throw in a vocal that will give it an original twist. Plus I love doing the Ellum showcases they always blow off and Eric is a great DJ, I never get bored playing alongside him and he deserves every bit of success.
You also run your own label ‘Fine Human Records’, could you reveal any future plans to our readers?
My plan for Fine Human is to release in the future even more adventurous loud electronic music and not to follow a moment or a style. I think that things move too fast these days but somehow in this technologic rush we have lost the human factor. I still love a vocal on a groove and a musician playing on a drum loop.
I know it’s strange but I also like DJs that mix slightly out of tempo but then put it back in time. I like thinking that there is a human being behind everything, like genuine human intuitions that inspire our records. Well now you know how the label got its name.
Lastly, you recently released on the Innervisions Secret Weapons Vol. 8 compilation. How was it being involved in such a big project on such a well respected label?
Innervisions is a great label and it’s been great pleasure working with the whole team. The process of releasing “A Certain Distance” took me back many years. Everything was taken care with great passion and syncronization, not to talk of course about the quality of the tracks.
That’s what I love about Innervisions, nothing is casual, from the style to the artwork from the selection to the promotion. Plus Dixon did the magic with his rework. It’s a great record to have in your hands, you know I’m old school I love to listen to a good song but also love to smell and hold a good looking record.
Thank you Dino, it was pleasure spending quality time with you!
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