Dino Sabatini 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi Dino, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for differentgrooves.com !
1. After you moved to Berlin do you see the Italian techno scene from a different point of view or not? Also, what do you think about it?
Depends what you mean by ”Italian techno scene” because if we talk about “Clubbing” I do not see a good situation but at least I’ve noticed a lot of effort made by some promoters that are working to create a techno scene at a high level, and this gives me an immense pleasure, like a sign that something will change soon. Or at least I hope so…
However in regards to Italian techno artists my point of view is very positive. In Italy there are many talents, some adult and famous and others that are very young and unknown, who are following the musical imprint dictated by me and my team-mates in Elettronica Romana. They are carrying a great energy and are changing the style of techno.
In fact my thoughts about my country of origin, is that it makes it hard to accept the changes and this slows the processes of renewal in both the music but especially within technology which is very important for a technical, creative and social development.
Many young people in Italy have no idea what they’re doing, they are making great music but they do not believe this could become a job and our institutions still do not recognize the role of producer. I still remember when I worked in Italy and my qualification was marked with the description “robotics operator” for the simple fact that I have been producing music with machines…. . I think this is also the reason why many young Italian artists are leaving the country to find opportunities overseas.

2. In an interview you did in the past there was a focus about your style shifting from dark to tribal influences.  At the moment are you inspired by a particular kind of sound or you’re just following the flow without thinking too much about it?
Honestly I do not feel inspired by a particular kind of sound, but I try to trust my musical instincts without thinking about anything or anyone, and especially I try to be careful to not copy myself and to never use clichés.
I occupy myself with searching for a set of sounds different from the usual standards of techno. To do this I’m building synths by myself, controllers, sequencers, filters and plugins to generate new rhythmic forms and new sounds completely original. This obviously takes time and energy and sometimes you’re forced to stay out of the scene for a long time, however it seems that the trend at moment goes totally in the opposite direction because I notice a tendency to repeat oneself and this even seems to be considered genius… I know producers who have been doing the same track – or better say the same loop – for about 15 years and with this they have produced dozens of records… I feel sincerely discouraged by this.

3. Can you tell us the story behind “Mnemosyne E.P.”? Are these tracks a continuation of the collaboration with Edit Select after your contribution to “Phlox” album on Prologue?
I started working with Tony in the course of his album preparation, during which he asked me for a contribution. Tony was completely undergoing to my hypnotic sounds and I had just developed a Reaktor Ensemble, a kind of sequencer that manages a sampler loaded with Tibetan bell samples and a dub delay in insert which bring out different harmonics. With this we started working on some tracks, some have been used for his album and some for “Mnemosyne”.

4. In your opinion musician collaborations are essential parts on the learning process of an artist?
It depends on who you’re working with, about the technical side I do not always have the good fortune to learn something but definitely artistic collaborations serve to share the most essential part of the art which in our case is the music.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months that you want to tell us about?
Many new things are coming on Outis Music, the most imminent will be the next release with the return of the Modern Heads project. Then there will be a release of two young Italian artists whom I love musically and on which I put a lot of trust because from my point of view they are pretty amazing (Claudio PRC & Ness) Then at the beginning of 2015, the release of my new album. There are also other news but for moment I will stop here and leave them as a surprise.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank u 2.
Long life and prosperity !!

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