Dino Sabatini ‘Shaman’s Paths’

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Artist: Dino SabatiniPRGCD002_DinoSabatini_ShamansPath
Title: Shaman’s Paths
Label: Prologue
Cat. #: PRGCD002
Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl
Release Date: October 2nd (Vinyl) October 16th (CD), October 30th (Digital, Beatport exclusive)
Distribution: Beatport, WordAndSound
01 – Prophecy
02 – Soul capture
03 – Trance state
04 – Ritual
05 – Vision quest
06 – Extraction
07 – Totem
08 – White Witch
09 – Parallel perception
10 – Icaro

Dino Sabatini is not just a Prologue artist having the first 12″ release in our catalogue, he is also one of the most authentic Prologue artists who is responsible for providing the well known Prologue sound aesthetic. Dino´s productions always deliver exactly our vision of music; deep, hypnotic, atmospheric and mind-driven. It’s no surprise that we are more than proud to announce the third Prologue album this year, which comes from our high respected mate from Berlin. The album is called “Shaman’s Paths” and it is more than just an album for all of us. Dino´s Shaman’s Paths is his personal interpretation of the sounds of Africa, which provides since decades the basis of trance in order to loose your mind in sounds and drum arrangements and it is his personal interpretation of the Prologue sound aesthetic. The Album is planned for October 2012 and will be distributed over “WordandSound”. One part will be a CD mixed with all tracks, which simply is the Shaman’s Paths to follow. Further we will also have one 12″ Vinyl which will contain the most club oriented hypnotic tracks from the Album and a complete digital album with all separate tracks. Dino is now available for bookings and his album tour.


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