Dino Sabatini

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dinosabatiniDino Sabatini is recognized as the inciter of Italian techno scene and main character of labels such as: Elettronica Romana – Dozzy Rec – Prologue – Strooscopic Artefacts., Also known as part of the duo Modern Heads 2006/2007 he released may sussessful Eps: “Paper Toys “, “Ordinary Madness” and “Gliding ” are just a few pearls of a style which is now one the most followed and have been inspiring many artists from the international techno scene.His solo productions mark the birth of a new techno concept that leaves no room for labels or definitions. The continual search for new soundscapes and accelerating rhythmics followed by hypnotic sequences and harmonic twists make Dino Sabatini unique in his way of making techno.The double EP “Daughter of Phorcys” on Prologue spread strong signal immediately catched by the best techno clubs and dj’s worldwide. Coming to nowdays Dino Sabatini’ last A Constant seek for new musical boundaries led him to create his own label Outis in order to express other other artistic tensions and needs. Outis’ first release “Modulated Waves EP” is currently sold out within a few days go and collecting complete consensus among the international techno scene.

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