Richard Seeley “Lure”

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Artist: Richard Seeley
Title: Lure
Label: Discolour
Cat. #: Discoulour002
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 2013
1. Lure
2. Amour

Richard Seeley is a producer with an impeccable understanding of the intricacies of electronic music. Sure, his output can be complex and difficult to decipher at times – but it’s always intriguing, and crafted with the sort of intelligent edge that makes him such a respected head in the underground.

As Richard himself says about his latest EP on his own Discolour imprint:

‘The EP is a balance between light and dark. ”Lure” is for the heads and the early morning, next day sort of vibe, while ”Amour” is about feeling the love and sharing that special moment. I actually wrote ”Lure” about three years ago, but it’s proved a weapon on the floor for some time. Basically, I felt it was the perfect accompaniment to ”Lure” in order to balance out the EP’.

And as it turns out, he’s dead right too…

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