DJ 3000 ‘Shout and follow me’

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Artist: DJ 3000
Title: Shout and follow me
Label: Jrums
Format: Digital
Cat. #: Jrums-1
Release Date: March 18 2013
1. Dj 3000 – Shout (Original)
2. Dj 3000 – Follow Me (Original)

When a rhythm is stripped down to its most basic form, all that remains is the drum. While the drums pattern can range in complexity, it s simplicity as the base element for rhythm is indisputable.

This simplistic desire, to strip things down to their most raw element, led Franki Juncaj aka DJ 3000 to create the jrums. Established as an outlet for more dance floor centric productions that have fallen outside of his Motech Records label, Jrums is DJ 3000 s laboratory for creating raw, analog, non-ethnic influenced compositions.

all songs produced and arranged by Dj 3000
Published by EPM Music


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