DJ Cream Interview

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Starting from behind, tell us something about your past, focusing on Homequest crew especially?
Homequest is a crew of Djs, Beatmakers and MCs but first of all music lovers. Everything is started here in our city Bologna we were making beats because we were listening our local hip hop stuff, we create a connection with this group called LBZ and together we made an homemade album with some freestyle, scratch and lyrics….. it was really for fun! In that period Phil weeks made a gig here near Bologna and while we were smoking some good joints we listened that album, he really liked that sound and he asked me to build up an instrumental album for Robsoul Jazz.
I was really excited because we were listening everyday the Around 7 Album so we really get inspired by that……and that’s how Homequest is born!

Your musical roots: from who or what you try to find inspiration and motivation in your current musical journey?
I’m getting inspired every day by the members of my crew, we grew up together and we compare each others frequently. In these years I also met a loot of cool people in particular few years ago I met Phil Weeks, he’s a really nice guy founder of a label that signed my childhood he helped me with the MPC and he gave me important advices. About the italian scene my favorite producers are Minimono and Enrico Mantini, their sound is what I call house music in all his different shades.

Tell us something about your studio side: how you approach with sampling, especially with MPC?
Everything starts from there when I saw the first time the Akai MPC I really felt in love because I had the possibility to take every part that I liked from my collection and jamming with them… this is absolutely amazing.

Back to MPC, you decide to call an EP with this notorius sampling machine name: how and why you find it out?
All four tracks as been made exclusively with my MPC, the heart of my studio. I wish I’ll make as more EP as possible to make a tribute to this beautiful girl 😉

Can you describe Bologna local scene and, going upper floor, how you think Italian clubbing scene in going on nowadays?
Local scene here is growing up, many friends are releasing sick vibes, I’m really positive at the moment about the italian clubbing scene, I recently met a lot of nice guys that thinks in a way that I like a lot!

You are really close to Phil Weeks, how your business relationship born and how you think will go on?
My relationship with Phil it’s not about business. We just share love for music, sampling and weed. That’s it :)

DJ Cream in the next 6 months: reveal us your next gigs and studio projects?
I’ll be keeping my head down in the studio,making tracks and focusing on my new records and the label. I’ll be busy , but if there will be a party I’ll be ready to rock it


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