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– You worked as resident dj for many years at GOA Club in Roma, musically talking what happened and what is happening in the city?
Musically many things have happened in the last few years and even now life is pretty eventful. Roma is a city in which the music scene has always been very active from the beginning of the 90’s, especially for what concern the techno music scene. Every year many artists play in the festival and parties organised in the city, many of them are guests at the Goa Club which is always on the cutting edge of what the international scene has to offer. The high quality of the sound system is impressive so I really enjoy playing there, artists can really express themselves there. In the city there are many good djs dedicated to the music with passion; artists which have contributed to the scene for many years pushing forward a original and personal sound.

– What can you say about the relation between the Italian politic authorities and the club culture? For example Amore Festival has been shut down for some years…
In Italy, the institutions tolerate the aggregation of large numbers of young people but unfortunately don’t contribute financially to the organization of events and are neither able to provide any related services. You just have to think that a well respected club employs around 20 people per night, similarly to any small company from any other industry; is a shame that this is not recognised by the government.
Italy’s old and bigot political establishment is affecting our competitiveness with other European capitals. In Germany, more specifically in Berlin, club culture is experienced in a far more professional way for what concern taxation and licensing laws.
A night club in Berlin may be opened for 24 hours a day, while here in Italy the industry is regulated by a piece of legislation that is 50 years old. Is very hard to organise all night / day events, the majority of venues shut their doors at 3 am, encouraging illegal activities as a result. For what concern Amore, I’d like to clarify something as we’re now getting closer to the actual event. Amore was never shut down by the authorities, it was a choice made by the company that managed the event, I believe the motifs behind the closure have been clarified and it appears that the promoter had nothing to do with it.

– Is the Italian electronic music scene underrated?
I don’t think the Italian music scene is not rated abroad, there are many good artists around which have left their mark with the creation of beautiful pieces of work which have contributed to the international music scene like: Donato Dozzy , Giorgio Gigli, Dino Sabatini, Brando Lupi, Claudio PRC and many more.

– Why did you move in Berlin? Weren’t you able to satisfy your wishes in Rome?
I felt the need to expand my horizon musically, I think I have already achieved a lot in my city, but the time has come for me to confront myself with other music realities. There’s no best place of Berlin to do that, a place universally considered as the capital of electronic music and a mecca for people that intend to exchange ideas and meet like-minded people.

– Is deejaying your regular job? What Simona does when is not deejaying or is not in the studio?
This question makes me smile because at the moment I’m really busy so whenever I’m free I try to catch up with all those things I didn’t have time to do… I love long walks surrounded by nature, is something that recharges my batteries. I also practice Yoga.

– Do you think that BPitch Control is a good platform to express yourself or the best has yet to come?
I think BPitch is a great platform, it gave me a great opportunity and I’m not sure if the best is still yet to come. Right now I’m just living the experience.

– How the “Eyes Are Blind” release was born?
It was created in Berlin. It was something which I carried inside my head for months, a lot of ideas and raw material that needed refinement. Once I started working in a studio it all naturally came together.

– Your old stuff on Unpolite is more dancefloor oriented and less dark than the forthcoming one on BPitch Control. Do you ever feel that your style shifted to another direction?
I don’t think is about changing direction but more about personal development… My style has always been quite dark and this often reflected in my DJ sets. I just wanted to develop a techno project characterised by a darker techno sound, closer to the way I’m feeling right now… Furthermore, a few years have passed since my last releases, the change is inevitably linked to a personal development path, which is common in every person, I believe that the most important thing in this job is to be able to renew yourself continuously while maintaining your own style and consistency… Otherwise everything would be boring.

– Talking about tracks production, what’s currently your main source of inspiration?
Everything that surrounds me, what I listened throughout my life and what I listen now.

– Do you follow some usual steps when composing a track or is it something that comes naturally?
I don’t have any particular rule, is never the same, I follow the inspiration of the moment as I do with many other things in my life… Sometimes I start working on some old project which I revisit and change completely.

– What are the best clubs you’ve ever played?
Berghain, Panorama bar, Goa.

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
I’ve got some projects I’m working on but I prefer to say nothing at this stage

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thanks to you 😉

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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