Here we go with a brand new release on DEMENT3D Records by the unknown project Polar Inertia, who make a step forward to integrate some innovation into the sound they propose.
The tracks of the first vinyl (except the B2) feature dancefloor oriented techno jointed with some great surrounding synths and effects, making alternative ambiances and never-ending sensations.
In the second vinyl we can found their live “Can We See Well Enough To Move On”, recorded in May 2014, for the closing of their expo in Brussels, at the project space/ gallery Abilene.

DEMENT3D Records – June 8th 2015
A1. Floating Away Fire
A2. Hell Frozen Over
B1. Vertical Ice
B2. Kinematic Optics
C1. Can We See Well Enough To Move On ? (Part One)
D1. Can We See Well Enough To Move On ? (Part Two)


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