Dodi Palese ‘Brainscapes EP’

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ELTD11_Cover_Artwork_webArtist: Dodi Palese
Title: Brainscapes EP
Label: Engrave Ltd
Format: Digital
Cat. #: ELTD11
Release Date: January 8th, 2016
Distribution: Daredo
1. Brainscapes
2. Cells
3. Bodyland
4. Transmission
5. Through The Hole

Dodi Palese is back with a new 5 track EP which recounts his last unconventional trip. Using an NIS (Neurotransmis- sion Impulse System) the Italian producer visited the recondite places of the universe hidden deep within his body, taking inspiration from the incredible landscapes and the vibrating and untouchable energy ows.
Following the experience, Dodi‘s efforts to transform the vibes he came across into sounds with the help of his hard- ware and software devices led to a very personal interpretation of his own life.
‘Brainscapes’ could be considered a musical mapping of Palese‘s soul, with the genes of melodic techno and deep house guring abundantly.


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