Dodi Palese ‘Spirals EP’

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ELTD08_DodiPalese_CoverArtworkWebArtists: Dodi Palese
Title:. Spirals EP
Label: Engrave Ltd
Format: Digital
Cat. #: ELTD08
Release Date: June 15th, 2015
Distribution: Daredo
01. Coma Berenices
02. Virgo
03. M109
04. NGC1365

Dodi Palese is back on Engrave Ltd with his new work ‘Spirals’ that takes inspiration from his recent pleasure journey through some of the best known Galaxies.
The first track opening the ep comes from the feeling of a quiet sliding around the little Coma Berenices costellation. The result is a monolitic techno groove that runs into a more melodic direction thanks to a spacial pad placed in the middle of the track which builds up a strong emotional atmosphere.
Visiting the near Virgo cluster, Dodi couldn‘t avoid to remain impressed by the giant elliptical galaxy Messier 87 and its core that contains a supermassive black hole.
The strong multiwave radiation and particularly radio waves merge into the crazy interlace of Dodi‘s Synth programming. Just try yourself to see what that means! Visiting the large group of galaxies located in the constellation Ursa Major an interference coming from M109 has resetted Dodi‘s instruments. Restarting the whole system was the only choice but everything would not sounds the same way anymore and it become even
worst after the virus infection of the main computer that occurred near Fornax.
M109 and NGC1365 are somehow wrong, weird, or you can say not belonging to this world but this is actually what Dodi‘s sound aim to be so… everything fine and we hope to hear more from him soon.
Hope you enjoy as much as we like here at Engrave Ltd foundation.


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