022HR_hiresArtist: Dolby D & Tom Eirh
Title: Red Creek EP
Label: Hidden Recordings
Cat #: HR022
Release Date: June 2012
Format: Vinyl / Digital
01 Dolby D & Tom Eirh – Red Creek (Original Mix)
02 Dolby D & Tom Eirh – Red Creek (Axel Karakasis Remix)
03 Dolby D & Tom Eirh – Red Creek (Piatto Remix)
04 Dolby D & Tom Eirh – Red Creek (Rene Walther Remix)

Hidden Recordings continues its peak form featuring another colossal techno release “Red Creek” from French duo Dolby D and Tom Eirh. Dark, driving and intense in all the right ways, this release is made for those special late night moments. Complimented and highlighted with an all-star remix line up featuring techno’s well known, well respected and upcoming talents:
Axel Karakasis, Piatto, and Rene Walther.

Red Creek – Original
The title cut is a dark, bass-heavy floor rocker complete with sharp percussion that can be best described as a jacking full throttle peak hour jam that doesn’t relent.

Axel Karakasis Remix
A name synonmous with big room techno, Axel’s approach is meticulous and well thought out as he strips down the track to give it a bouncier, unwavering rolling groove. The big drums are still there but the focus is on the slight hypnotic rhythms that bring the track back to center, and you feel that after the big drops that are definitely still his signature.

Piatto Remix
Italian veteran producers who have logged many miles in the studio bring their clean, ‘late-nighties’ classic touch to the release. Boiling analog synth stabs, melodic riffs and haunting vocal snippets add to the big room atmosphere.

Rene Walther Remix
Heavy all encompassing bass drive this Dominican Republic producer’s rendition along with dark, eerie sounds that are well placed throughout. You get the best of both worlds with brute force combined with a late-night rhythmic groove.


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