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Hi Dosem and welcome on Different Grooves, first of all thanks for your time!

Thanks to you for the interview!

Starting from the beginning, how did you get into the scene and when did “Dosem” first see the light of day?

I started creating my own parties in my hometown, Girona, and caught the attention of other promoters in the area. Got a residency at Club Blau, the most important club there, and that greatly facilitated my contact with international artists and labels.

You are still young, but your discography is already remarkable, what is your secret to success in the studio?

There is no special trick, I just try to spend many hours in the studio and try to inspire myself with everything I live around. Once you develop a technique in which you feel comfortable, everything flows much more easily. Often I start with simple ideas that I develop gradually up to more complex compositions. But I never now what is going to happen, that’s the kind of freedom I love to have in the studio, and that makes you more prolific.

Focus on your album on Tronic, for me a great beginning to 2013s musical release; how far does ‘Origin’ mark the beginning of your album concept series?

My intention is to develop a complete journey between sounds that influenced me in the past, sounds that inspire me today and I what can be my sounds from tomorrow. Origin represents the collapse of my influences with a modern sound. For the next album I want to make songs with a more “living” touch, as if they were played live. With many recordings from the real life.

Were there any particular influences you drew upon whilst making this album?  Or any experiences that occurred whilst making it that you explored through the music?

The whole album breathes techno, house and rave sounds from 90s, transported to a more updated sound. I like to mix styles in a way that is difficult to label the final merger. There is also a strong influence on my last two years playing throughout the world. I’ve soaked club culture more than ever in a global way.

Briefly, your musical and business relationship with Christian Smith and the Tronic family seems really strong, how did this develop?

Happened very naturally. He always played and supported my music, so one day at a festival in Madrid I’ve decided to approach him and know him personally. There was very good personal connection so I sent him a song: “Origin” … and that was the origin of my participation in the team Tronic. Eventually we saw we also match a lot playing together and the chemistry was strengthened. I feel very comfortable in the Tronic and Chris is a great guy.

A little bird told me that you are going to travel a lot with your next album tour, across the globe; any gig you are really looking for?

London, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Argentina… looks like I’m going to have very busy upcoming months. I get tired thinking about it, yet I feel very lucky at the same time!

Last but not least, please describe briefly your relationship with the EDM/Dance Music world world and how you live your life as a professional artist? Would you consider yourself to be an active member of the scene or do you prefer to be judged simply on your music?

It’s part of the game being in the scene. Inevitably we are on stage and that takes part of the picture at certain times. But I’ve never been a person who likes getting much “visual” attention. I like to dance while playing and send energy to the public, but I prefer them to come by my music and not by my image.

Many thanks for your words and time, it was a pleasure and I am sure our readers will appreciate The Interview.

Thanks to you for the great interview!

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