Dosem ‘Origin’

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Artist: Dosem
Title: Origin
Label: Tronic
Format: Digital
Release Date: 18th February 2013

  1. Elevation
  2. A Modern Ritual
  3. Black Unicorn
  4. Rooftop Party
  5. It Matters To Me
  6. From The Edge
  7. Vesier
  8. Android Lover
  9. Hicom
  10. Abstral
  11. Future Noir
  12. Nation
  13. The Choice
  14. Origin

“I am very pleased to have Dosem release his second album on Tronic. Very few producers have the talent to create such a nicely balanced album. Dosem is without a doubt one of the best musical techno producers out there right now. 2013 will be a massive year for him, and I am very happy to have him on the Tronic team!”

Christian Smith, Tronic label boss


From producing a string of cosmic and sonorously charming remixes to his latest offering the classy, atmospheric record ‘A Modern Ritual / From The Edge’, Dosem has been flexing his musical muscle with great poise in recent times Thanks to his output on adopted home Tronic, as well as labels such as Intec, Suara and Bedrock, his music has also been causing a fair few stirs in the clubs garnering pan-wide support across the electronic spectrum with DJs from John Digweed and Sasha to Laurent Garnier and Adam Beyer all supporting the innovative releases coming from this Catalonian futurist.

Having spent much of the past year detouring with the gamut of his sound, Dosem has decided to execute his “lifelong conception project” and launch his album ‘Origin’ in 2013. Inspired by what he sees as a collapse in traditional society and a shift forward into new forms of creativity and ideas on how we as people communicate. ‘Origin’ is Dosem’s artist alleyway to highlighting this transformation in culture through his own musical expedition.

Released as part of trilogy album series through Christian Smith’s Tronic label ‘Origin’ gives rise to a self-discovery project in which Dosem is seeking to craft a body of work that possess a timeless quality. The focus of the album is to demonstrate a past, present and future perspective on his sound through musical landscapes and inspired themes – bringing to the musical cauldron his influences from film, art and life.

‘Origin’s intros with the blissfully sleek tones of ‘Elevation’, a short rhythmical tip of the hat to time, space and life. The gears are shifted as the album segues effortlessly through the first section with ‘A Modern Ritual’, the first release off the album, to the grooving warmth of ‘Black Unicorn’. Dosem draws on recent influences from the UK Bass Music scene which is evident with the swung industrial reprise of ‘Rooftop Party’.

Intriguing textures and melodic squirts preside over ‘It Matters to Me’ before the dark jackin’ ‘Vesier’ looms menacingly. The album then plummets the listener into the spacey, dystopian landscape of ‘Android Lover’ with its Vangelis-styled romance. The final stages of the album are moulded by tracks such as ‘Future Noir’ which appears reflective and restful in composition. As if watching the creation of life unfold ‘The Choice’ charms with a kinetic pulse and an eerie backdrop of musical textures. The album climatic piece is the self-titled single ‘Origin’ and its deep broody neo-house style layers that are seemed together by a tunnelling breakdown of rolling digital matter.

A futuristic flirt for the most frenzied of souls. ‘Origin’ is released through Tronic on February 18th 2013. Dosem will be touring the album project at a series of exclusive tour dates across Europe, Asia and South America.

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