Dot ‘The Next Spot’

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leg007Artists: Dot
Title: The Next Spot
Label: Legotek Records
Format: Vinyl
Cat. #: LEG007
Release Date: May 20th 2014
Distribution: / vinyllabor
A1. Close Dialogue
A2. Time Stretch
B1. Break Point
B2. Forgotten Memories
C1. Another Place
C2. Got To Move
D1. The Next Spot
D2. Go Slowly

Legotek‘s first LP is brought to you by Tel Aviv based Dot a.k.a Dotan Bibi. Imagine one of those special sets. The kind of musical story that sticks in your mind for ages, you always remember and in times can scoop endless seeming power from. Well this 8-tracker from Dot just about fulfils this kind of stimulus.

Each track can be seen either as one special individual or the whole package as one big flowing journey. Mixed together this could easily turn out as a live set. Now then, about the unique music and its seductive vibe.

Staying true to the underground heart of Legotek Dot has managed what many aim for in effort. A vibrant, lively and deep sound constantly accompanied by strong kicks and pumping melodies. The analogue core of the story has been given the breath of life to become a classic piece of deep house history.




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