DoubtingThomas ‘Capon’s Method EP’

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amamextra036_1500Artist: DoubtingThomas
Title: Capon’s Method EP
Label: AMAM
Cat. #: amamextra036
Format: wav / mp3
Release Date: 16 February 2015
x01. Object of Destruction
x02. Pochet
x03. HeartBomber
x04. Talk to Frank

As DoubtingThomas, French producer Aurelien Riviere has created ever-expanding ripples in Europe’s techno/ house community over the last few years, previously based in London and now in Berlin. Along with a number of releases on several different labels, DoubtingThomas has brought his nuanced sound to clubs throughout the continent and beyond, focusing not so much on DJing like most of his peers but rather his live set. Now he joins AMAM, presenting his latest EP, titled Capon’s Method.

Opener “Object of Destruction” is a mission statement of his carefully crafted approach, bring lots of unexpected sonic textures into the 4/4 pulse. Metallic clangs and brassy squeals mix with a synthetic melodic motif, and that’s just the first minute. It continues to evolve over the course of twelve minutes like its own self-contained ecosystem, with interchange from stomping bass, high-pressure bursts and tribal percussion. “Pochet” is built on a slinkier groove and breathes humanism with a mournful whisper, utilizing piano in a way that has nothing to do with house but rather jazz or contemporary classical.

“Heart Bomber” shows DoubtingThomas’s more body-moving side, highlighted by ear-perking outbursts of flute samples. After the three-minute mark we hear long, drawn-out gaseous pads and the raspy voice of a veteran musician as an unexpected element. Finally, “Talk to Frank” continues the dancefloor direction with a more ominous feel, contrasting bubbling acid and subtle, sustained horn sounds and a somber breakdown. Upon hearing Capon’s Method, there’s no doubt that our boy Tommy boy has a knack for aural experimentation within the framework of club music.


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