Douglas Greed Interview

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– Hi Mario, welcome to Different Grooves!
Briefly, what can you say about your musical background, your first approaches to music production and deejaying?
Well it started listening to music on my dad’s cassette recorder which was made out of wood – I still remember that certain smell of early 80’s fumes.
At around ’93 I discovered electronic music – back then you could order records at Hardwax Berlin, as I lived 3 hours away from the town, via phone. So I went to the phonecell and they played me some new tunes and I ordered my music from a phonecell.
So I started collecting music. I’ve always been interested in all sorts of music. House, Techno, Electronica, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop. I had a Hip Hop Band as well as a Hip Hop and Drum And Bass DJ alter ego.
Since 7 years I produce and play as Douglas Greed.

– Thinking about your live act setup, was the idea born naturally or it was a secret desire?
My first liveact was a solothing support by a good friend who did VJ.
Since one and a half years I have a singer, Fabian Kuss, and a percussionist, Michael Nagler.
We have a lot of fun playing and I love the different energy that you can get in this kind of formation instead of just opening the laptop and playing clips by yourself.

– At the beginning of 2013 you did your first appearance on BPitch Control. How did you get in touch with the label and how do you feel with them?
I asked my good friend Mathias Kaden to give Ellen Allien a demo of my Emo-Electronica project “Eating Snow” (which I do with MOORYC). She liked the tracks and we had our first number “Siamese Twins By Choice” on the latest BPitch Labelsampler.
A couple of weeks later she asked me if I would like to make a Douglas Greed release as well – and so we put out This Time (feat. Kuss)”. Well… and then she asked me for an album…. So here we are…

– Do you think that after getting released on BPitch, Cocoon, Ostwind, Fenou etc. your style has been innovated more and more, and maybe stopped a lot of people to consider you only for the Freude Am Tanzen records?
Well, of course. I always try to move on – to find new stuff – to go ahead. That’s why I don’t strictly do Techhouse – or don’t have a certain style I follow. I’m in love with music as itself so I guess thats why I not only jump in between styles but also not just focus on Freude Am Tanzen.

– Your forthcoming release “Fake EP” is very different compared to the tracks you produced in the past. What are the main influencies that drive you in this direction? Is the recent UK house flow attracting you?
I Love playing a bit ruffer when I DJ – I really dig the dancemania Chicago sound as well, and yeah your right, the whole UK Sound. But I guess that comes along when you have been a drum and bass dj for quiet a long time.

– You said you will release an album. Can you say something more about that?
The album is gonna be very diverse. There are tracks there are songs. There is a bit sadness and there is a bit happyness. There is a bit heavyness and a bit of laughter.
Its called “Driven“ and I guess that’s what I am  – and that is pretty well reflected in the music.
Not just one style, not just one sound.

– Few months ago you get featured on Klangextase (also with an interview) and the mix you recorded had a very good response from the people. Are you satisfied about that?
Oh yeah, of course…. Like everybody I love to get positive feedback.  I always try to do a bit more than just a mix – I did a couple of silly intros for my mixes. and I guess people enjoy that :-)

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
You’re welcome

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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