Mihalis Safras “Arabic”

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Artist: Mihalis Safras
Title: Arabic
Label: Deeperfect
Remixers: Luca M & JUST2
Cat. #: DPE702
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 16th 2013
1. Arabic (Original Mix)
2. Arabic (Luca M & JUST2 Remix)

The Greek techno Don Mihalis Safras hits Deeperfect Records with this highly anticipated release.

Luca M & JUST2 open up the EP with a strong remix of “Arabica” setting the tone perfectly. A curvy bass keep things moving before starting the blending with the playful Arabic synth lines, creating a unique groove.

Mihalis takes the lead with “Arabs” crafting a perfectly sequenced track showing his skills and experience.

Solid drums and deep heavy sub bass accompanied by mesmerizing vocals that seem to secretly find their way from the deep recesses of the track .An incessant synth arpeggio lies at its heart, looping around, flirting with the bass, releasing a certain lightness without diminishing its powerful groove!

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