The Abstract Division duo breaks the summer with a brand new release on Dynamic Reflection titled “Metropolis EP”. The original mix is build with an easy drum sequence and an arpeggio synth, able to create an easy but magic atmosphere. The EP is filled with some big names who remixed the title track.
Oscar Mulero use again his moniker Trolley Route, maintaining the instrumental essence of the original but switching the arpeggio with a dub techno like chord. Function make an excellent rework, making the kickdrum and the hats harder, and introducing a surrounding pad to the synth which got indeed a brighter appearance.
Marcel Fengler adds textures and intelligent delays, combining all the instruments in a coherent way, elevating the main theme to a complex but catchy form. Superb!

Dynamic Reflection – June 22nd 2015
A1. Metropolis
A2. Metropolis (Trolley Route Remix)
B1. Metropolis (Function Remix)
B2. Metropolis (Marcel Fengler Remix)



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