Re-UP “Nelcorpo”

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Artists: Re-UP DSCD002
Title: Nelcorpo
Label: Dissonant
Cat. #: DSCD002, DS024, DS025
Formats: Mixed CD, digital, Part 1 (vinyl) Part 2 (double vinyl)
Release Date: January 28th 2015
A1. The Mole
A2. 6 AM
B1. Two In A Row
C1. Nelcorpo
C2. Dark Tunnel
D1. Each Sense
E1. Gominola
E2. Tribute
F1. Aju Paraplu
F2. Concrethereal

The long awaited debut album from the Italian duo Re-UP is going to be released on Dissonant Records.
Featuring twelve brand new tracks that represent their style and the kind of music they’re interested, with “Nelcorpo” Omar and Leo manifest the years of dedication to music production and the ability to preserve a minimalistic and dark vibe in their tracks.
The tracks in the “part 1” vinyl, and in the C side of “part 2” vinyl are focussed on obscure sonorities derivated by rhythms of only drums and bassline, that’s stuff to be used as tools or loops in the dj session.
All the remaining tracks have limpid and brillant sounds, gently mixed with vocals, synths, melodies and smooth sorrounding pads.


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