Dscrd ‘Monad XII’

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sam012_reducedArtist: Dscrd
Title: Monad XII
Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts
Cat. #: SAM012
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 2nd 2012

1. Maskien
2. Graphene
3. Combinat
4. Closure

The twelfth chapter of the Monad series comes from Dscrd, a five-strong Parisian collective. From their ten hands four tracks have emerged that explore music’s very building blocks, tracks that are the product of complex ideas having been slowly simmered down to form dub-substrates and ambient-essences. Dscrd’s points of reference are certainly concrete, but somehow it’s impossible to place them, they remain elusively abstract. Amid swung bass lines voices mumble to themselves, dull metallic clangs are heard from far-off and noise fuzzes scruffily at the edges. This is music that revels in the barely perceptible, the half-understood. It’s a bold EP that dares to tug at the very limits of our perception.

Words: Clare Molloy



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