CATFM “Drumparti / Niteanat”

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Title: Drumparti / Niteanat
Label: DISCOVERY Recordings
Cat. #: DSCVRY07
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: January 23rd 2014
Distributions: Rubadub (UK), FIT (US)
A. Drumparti
B. Niteanat

CATFM is the collaboration project between the NY producer Catamaran and Free Magic, who are going to do their debut with these two songs on Discovery Recordings.
“Drumparti” is an easy listening drum machine based track, sweet but melancholic at the same time for the kind of piano and vocals used. “Niteanat” is more rhythmic and warm, softly influenced by acid house. In the overall we can say that the artists intention was to focus on pure and essential sounds without exaggerate with post production process edits.

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