dubspeeka ”Outland”

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SKEL048 artwork
Artist: dubspeeka
Title: Outland
Label: Skeleton
Release Date: 27 July, 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #: SKEL048
01. dubspeeka – Outland 1 (Original Mix)
02. dubspeeka – Outland 2 (Original Mix)
03. dubspeeka – Outland 3 (Original Mix)

dubspeeka‘s three-part “Outland” offering begins with everything he has accustomed us to: Moody chords, rattling percussion and eerie electronics, but with extra melodic elements thrown in for good measure.

“Outland 2” picks up from there with slightly more optimistic riffing and a rocksteady rhythm section with the necessary mangling, which then leads to carefully calculated, pulsating low frequencies.

Closing up with “Outland 3” we are introduced to even more welcomed moodiness amidst soaring effects and secretive melodies all coming together for a subliminal affair.


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