Duckhunter ‘Lasso / Poison Ivy’

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WT007Artist: Duckhunter
Title: Lasso / Poison Ivy
Label: Wolf Trap
Cat. #: WT007
Format: Digital

1. Lasso
2. Poison Ivy

Wolf Trap‘s 7th release is by New York City’s Alexey Zharov AKA Duckhunter.

Alexey’s been releasing under his Duckhunter guise since 2009 on Uberkontrol, Ill Bomb and Kontrol Recordings amongst others.

A sinister, building groove moves in and out of a sedative daze while edgy pads and a quirky synth hook, keep things moving in the right direction.

Definitely one for after hours.

Poison Ivy
Early set or after hours….. ‘Poison Ivy’ has deep, lush synths and pads with big verbed vocals and FX. For all it’s deepness the groove still stands strong in a track that can only be described as beautiful.

Press play, close your eyes and stand in the sun.


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